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Your Annual Policy LabĀ® Review
Simkowitz & Co. has a long history of discovering hidden opportunities and developing positive outcomes. Even if you recently purchased a policy, our Policy LabĀ® review may uncover a better way to achieve your goals.

1. Learn About Your Current Picture
First, we learn about you – how has your life changed in the past year? How have your financial goals evolved? Then, we carefully review each of your policies to determine how they’re performing – both individually and in conjunction with your other products.

2. Analyze What’s Missing
Next, we move onto the big picture – Do your policies work together to support your current financial objectives? Are they performing sufficiently? How do they compare to current products in the market? Will they achieve your goals?

3. Balance and Enhance
Finally, we let you know what, if anything, is standing in the way of your desired results. We often discover that new innovations or advantageous pricing will accelerate your progress.

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